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Dining Plans

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Freedom of choice

Whether your student enjoys daily delicious sit-down meals with friends or opts to grab a wholesome snack to-go on the way to class, our dining plans are designed with personalization and flexibility in mind. Each plan emphasizes variety, value and convenience, and includes regular dining events and promotions free of charge, from outdoor cookouts to food truck festivals, and pop-up events to holiday dinners.

Our approach is to provide great food and memorable experiences no matter the occasion. From free birthday meals to all-you-can-eat events such as pizza and wing nights, we're here to celebrate with delicious dishes throughout the school year. We also know that the college experience can be stressful at times with big projects and exams, and we help take the edge off with enhanced late night menus year-round and midnight breakfast meals during finals week.

Other special offerings include:

  • cooking demonstrations
  • international-themed dinners
  • pop-up food stations 
  • community barbecues
  • food competitions

How it Works

How it works

Our dining plans are based on a declining balance system. All items in the dining facilities are sold a la carte. Instead of a meal-based system, students pay for each item on their QCard just as they would in a traditional restaurant.

In addition to the wide variety of meals and snacks available in our dining halls, students may use the balance on their dining plan to purchase other items available on campus, such as Starbucks beverages and concessions at athletic events.

Comparison Chart

On-Campus Dining Plan Comparison Chart, Per Semester




Total balance 




Suggested usage (per week)




Total value (including dining events and promotions)





Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default dining plan?

If no dining plan selection is made, the student will default to the Gold plan. Commuters and students who live off campus default to the Bronze plan. 

Can I change or update my resident student's dining plan?

Your resident student may change their dining plan for the fall semester on their MyHousing page until August 30, 2019.  To view or change a meal plan, please log into MyHousing, select “Dining” and then select “Change Plan.” Students living on the Mount Carmel and York Hill Campuses are required to have a Silver, Gold or Platinum dining plan.

Students living in Whitney Village and Quinnipiac-owned off-campus housing are able to upgrade from the required Bronze dining plan through MyHousing.

If my student lives off campus, what are the dining plan options?

The Bronze Plan is required for all non-resident students and commuters. The plan applies to full-time undergraduate commuter students, students living in Whitney Village and Quinnipiac-owned off-campus housing, as well as full-time graduate students, law students and first- and second-year medical students. The commuter dining service excludes students who are veterans, enrolled in QU online, away for study abroad, clinical affiliation or who are student teaching. Students who receive the required Bronze plan have the ability to upgrade their plan through August 30, 2019. To upgrade the non-resident and commuter dining plan, complete the form and allow up to 2 business days for meal plan changes to occur.

How does the dining plan work?

The dining plan is not meal-based; it is based on a declining balance system, similar to a debit card account. All items in the dining facilities are sold a la carte. Students pay for each item just as they would in a traditional restaurant. 

The dining plan can be used at all dining locations on our campuses, which includes: Café Q, Bobcat Den, North Haven Café, North Haven Outtakes, York Hill Café, Au Bon Pain Café Express, Starbucks and People’s United Center concessions.

What are the different dining options available at Quinnipiac?

We offer 31 unique food stations across our 3 campuses, serving options such as grilled food, smoothies, Starbucks and sushi.

How does my student track their balance and stay on budget?

Your student can get their balance at registers throughout the campus dining facilities, or access their balance online at QCard Balance on MyQ. There are also posters at each dining hall register indicating what the ideal dining balance should be each week of the semester if your student wants to have their plan last the entire semester.

What happens if my student runs out of dining plan funds before the semester is over?

The dining facilities accept QCash, credit cards or cash. QCash acts as a debit account separate from your student's meal plan and you may add QCash to your student's account at any time. In addition to every dining location on our 3 campuses, QCash is also accepted at more than 30 establishments in the surrounding area.

What happens to the funds left in the dining plan at the end of the semester?

Any balance left over from the Fall semester will automatically roll over to the Spring semester. Any balance left over after the Spring semester has ended will be forfeited. The dining plan is cleared at the conclusion of the Spring semester.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options available?

Yes. There are vegetarian and vegan options available at all dining facilities across our 3 campuses.

My student has a food allergy. What options are available on campus?

The Café Q on the Mount Carmel Campus has a station called G8 dedicated to food prepared without the 8 most common allergens. There are also dishes made without gluten available throughout the dining facilities.

If you would like us to make further accommodations, please email or call 203-582-7600.

For more information...

If you have any further questions about your student's dining plan options, please email