Move-in Dates and What to Bring to Campus

We are excited for your arrival this August! For a list of residence hall move-in dates, access the schedule below:

2017 Fall move-in schedule (PDF)

Below you'll find a list of recommended items for your student to bring to his or her new home at Quinnipiac. After receiving their housing assignment on August 1, students should contact their roommate to coordinate what large items to bring (TV, carpet, refrigerator, etc.).

Suggested items to bring to campus:

  • alarm clock
  • area rug
  • bed linens (twin XL)
  • bike and lock
  • blankets
  • calendar
  • cell phone
  • charger
  • desk lamp
  • desk supplies
  • DVD player
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight
  • hangers
  • headphones
  • iron and ironing board
  • kitchen utensils
  • laundry basket
  • microwave
  • pillow
  • plants
  • posters (command strips)
  • refrigerator
  • seasonal clothing
  • sewing kit
  • small fan
  • snacks
  • stereo
  • surge protector
  • television
  • toiletries
  • towels
  • video games
  • waste basket

The following items are prohibited from campus:

  • alcohol containers (under 21)
  • alcohol paraphernalia
  • bars and bar-like structures
  • multi-cup coffee makers (except in housing with a kitchen)
  • candles and other open flame devices
  • drinking game equipment
  • drug paraphernalia
  • hookah pipes or equipment
  • hoverboard devices
  • hot plates, toaster ovens (i.e. George Foreman grills)
  • non-university-owned lofts
  • non-university-approved air-conditioning units
  • tapestries covering ceiling or light fixtures, ceiling fans
    or other items hanging from the ceilings
  • butane torches
  • darts, dartboards and slingshots
  • fireworks, guns, weapons and explosives
  • flammable objects and/or substances
  • grill units and propane gas tanks
  • halogen lamps
  • personal refrigerators larger than 3.6 cubic feet
  • pools and tent-like structures
  • real Christmas trees
  • string lights, LED striplights, paper lanterns
  • smoke and fog machines

Department of Residential Life Staff Directory

Mount Carmel Campus office - 203-582-8666
York Hill Campus office - 203-582-3615

Email the department of residential life

Central Office
Mark DeVilbiss, director of residential life, 203-582-8721
Melissa Karipidis, associate director of residential life (York Hill area), 203-582-8736
Michael Guthrie, assistant director of residential life (sophomore area), 203-582-8715
Cari Renn, assistant director of residential life (first year area), 203-582-3636
Bernadette Gentile, administrative assistant, 203-582-8666

Mount Carmel Campus
Andrew Lavoie, residence hall director, Dana, Irma, Larson, 203-582-3794
Cari Renn, assistant director of residential life, Mountainview, Troup 203-582-3636
Joseph Lehocky, residence hall director, Commons, 203-582-5292
Mallory Gatison, residence hall director, The Village (510-670), 203-582-8807
Brian Goepfrich, residence hall director, Perlroth, Village 400-500, 203-582-8871
David Ferguson, residence hall director, Bakke Founders, Sahlin, The Hill, 203-582-6483
Alycia Johnston, residence hall director, The Ledges, 203-582-3341

York Hill Campus
Geroge Regan, residence hall director, Crescent rooms ending in 00-41, 203-582-8798
Josh Turner, residence hall director, Crescent rooms ending in 41-68, Westview
Danielle Demers, residence hall director,  Eastview, Townhouses, Whitney Village, The Flats, Off Campus Houses, 203-582-8804

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