Summer 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

Undergraduate - 12 or more credits
Full-time (12 - 16 credits) tuition ($22,210) and student fee ($840) $23,050*
More than 16 credits (additional charge of) $1,020 per credit
Technology fee $340
Undergraduate - fewer than 12 credits
Courses held before 5 p.m. $1,020 per credit
Courses held 5 p.m. or later and Saturday $730 per credit
Summer $730 per credit
Technology fee $150
     Summer Per Term $75


*If you are a full-time undergraduate student at the University, you must register, at a minimum, for a full-time course load of 12-16 credits per semester. Full-time undergraduate students registered for less than 12 credits will still be charged full-time tuition and fees even though they are registered for less than a full-time course load. If your circumstances prevent you from being a full-time student and registering for a full-time course load, please request an exemption by e-mailing the Bursar's Office, noting your name, QU ID, e-mail address, phone number, address and an explanation of your reasons for requesting a policy exemption. The deadline to file for this exemption is the beginning of the semester.

NOTE: If you are a financial aid recipient, please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out if your financial aid will be affected by enrolling in fewer than 12 credits.

Residence Hall Information
For questions regarding residence halls, please call the Office of Residential Life directly at 203-582-8666.

Resident students can be assigned to a variety of apartment and non-apartment type residence halls. Many of these residence halls require students to be enrolled in the dining service and will be charged an all-inclusive fee per semester that covers both housing and any required dining service, where applicable.

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