What is Parent WebAdvisor Access?
All students are able to grant a parent or authorized payer the ability to access a parent version of WebAdvisor, where a parent will be able to access academic and/or financial information for the student. As such, parents will have access to directly request the student's Tuition & Fee Invoice as well as a Statement of Account. The Parent WebAdvisor Account will also allow Quinnipiac University to capture the e-mail address of the parent or authorized payer so that the University will be able to communicate important billing information with students as well as the parties authorized by the student via e-mail.

How Do I grant a Parent Or Authorized Payer Access?
Students should visit their WebAdvisor account and use the "Grant Rights" link to begin the process. Once the process is complete, the parent or guardian will receive a confirmation email with information on how to access their own WebAdvisor account. The e-mail account registered will also be used to communicate with the parent or guardian as needed. Once enrolled, parents and guardians will retain their access until their student graduates or rescinds their access.

How do Parents or Authorized Payers Access their WebAdvisor Account Once Access has Been Granted?
PLEASE NOTE:  The following steps will only work if you have been granted WebAdvisor access by the student and have received a confirmation email with your User ID and temporary password.  Also, please reset your temporary password before attempting these steps.

1.)  Visit the WebAdvisor website at: http://wa.quinnipiac.edu.
2.)  Once on the page, please click the Parent/Guardian graphic on the page. After clicking the graphic, please click on the Login option.
3.) Using the User ID that was emailed to you when your student granted you access and your reset password, enter them as shown below and click the "Submit" button. You should now be logged in to WebAdvisor.  Click the link titled "Access to Student's Info" to select a student and view information the student has granted you access to view.

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