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Frequently Asked Questions

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Bill Scheduling

When are bills available?

Online bills are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An email will be sent to the student's Quinnipiac email account when charges are applied for the upcoming semester, based on the timeframes below.

  • Summer Semester - Typically the second week in May
  • Fall Semester - Typically mid to late June
  • Spring Semester - Typically the first week of December

When are bills due?

Your registration statement includes all applicable due dates. For your reference, they also are included below.

  • Spring Term - Monday, December 16, 2019

Does the invoice need to be paid in full by the due date?

Generally, yes, the full balance must be paid by the due date for the account to remain in good standing. If the balance is not paid in full, satisfactory financial arrangements must be made by the due date. These may include:

  • Enrolling in a university-sponsored payment plan and remitting any balance due, where applicable.
  • Remitting the balance after estimated financial aid is applied.

Health Insurance

My bill for the fall semester has a charge for health insurance. What is this for?

Quinnipiac University has partnered with Gallagher Student Health to offer a health insurance plan especially for students. The plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on and off campus and includes special cost-saving features to help keep the coverage as affordable as possible. Because all full-time students must maintain major medical insurance, this plan is a hard waiver program, which means that students can opt out (waive the insurance) only if they can present evidence of other health insurance under a plan that provides benefits equal to or greater than the Quinnipiac University Student Health Insurance Plan. Students must document evidence of coverage and make an online waiver decision by the waiver deadline of June 12. For additional information regarding the plan, please visit

Online Payment Information

When and what time will the funds be withdrawn from my bank account if I pay online?

Nelnet specifies the date each payment will occur, but it is your financial institution that determines the time of day the payment is debited. Nelnet recommends you check with your financial institution to determine how far in advance funds should be deposited into your account to ensure the automatic payment clears. If a payment date falls on a weekend or banking holiday, the payment will be attempted the following business day.

How will I be notified of my online payment information?

Once your agreement is posted to the Nelnet system, you will receive a confirmation notification of your payment amount by email. Payments will be processed until the total balance is paid in accordance with the terms of the payment plan agreement. The notification has important information you must have to log on to My Nelnet Account. The notification also serves as a reminder that a $75 nonrefundable enrollment fee per agreement will be processed from the account indicated on the agreement.

Student Deposits

Why is my $1,000 deposit not deducted from my bill?

All incoming resident students pay a deposit of $1,000, which is broken down as follows:

  • $200 matriculation fee (this is paid by both resident and commuter students)
  • $300 residence hall security deposit, which is refunded when the student no longer resides in university-owned housing
  • $500 residence room reservation deposit, which is credited to your spring bill

When will my housing deposit be credited to my bill?

Returning resident student housing deposits will be credited on your spring bill.

Financial Aid Information

Will my financial aid appear on my registration/invoice statement?

Yes, so long as the Financial Aid Office has processed it before the billing date. If it does not appear, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 203-582-8750.

Can the full amount of my loan be applied to one semester?

If you have received financial aid that includes a loan for fall and spring, only the portion pertaining to the respective semester can be deducted.


What are the normal business hours for the Bursar's Office?

Monday through Thursday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Check with the Bursar's Office for revised hours during peak times.